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A bit about Clover

Always a doodler, world builder and lover of video games, I had dreamed of getting into the game industry since a young age and have been lucky enough to be working with some amazing teams on some incredible games for over a decade now.

I've worked in multiple engines including UDK, Unity, the Hero Engine, and Radiant, and worked in minor leadership positions on teams as small as 2 for independent titles and as large as 20 when everyone piles on to complete a multi-player map in Call of Duty.

In my spare time I keep building worlds, doodling places that don't exist and writing short stories about their scenery and artifacts. When I have some extra time, I also enjoy working on projects with friends. Small game jams, mods for published games, or even fully fleshed out projects.

Treyarch - Project Manager (Level Point) - 2018 til Present

I started as a level designer at Treyarch, but leaned heavily into the detailing and clipping elements of creating multi-player maps, working with a team in Radiant to take the intricately designed maps to meet artistic and metric standards.

After a few maps, I helped establish the "point" role, a sort of project manager who works across departments to help the build team track assets, tasks and solve overall map problems while generally improving pipelines.

- Unannounced Title - Map point - Unannounced
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Map Point - 2018

Virtually Competent - Co-creator and Lead Artist - 2018

Working with Izzy Neuhaus, Virtually Competent started as a fun way to explore and game jam together, a place to do pixel art and grow as an artist, that eventually lead to a full game release and my only independently published title.

- Crystal Control 2 - Lead Artist and animator - 2016

Zenimax Online Studios - Level Designer and World Builder - 2013 til 2018

At Zenimax Online I worked as a world builder and level designer on some launch zones and dungeons as well as multiple DLCs over the 5 years I was with them.

I worked closely with quest designers, writers and encounter designers to create spaces that were fun and visually reinforced the story being told.

- Summerset - Level Designer - 2018
- Morrowind - Level Designer - 2017
- Dark brotherhood - World Builder - 2016
- Thieves Guild - World Builder - 2016
- Orsinium - World Builder - 2015
- Elder Scrolls Online - World Builder - 2015

Budcat Creations - Environment Artist - 2007 til 2012

My first job out of college, Budcat was a small for hire studio that, for the most part, ported the Guitar Hero series to the PS2 and Wii. I worked as a prop artist, polyreducing instruments and set pieces before moving on to the lowpoly environments of Our House and finally leading a small team of environment artists in laying out and matching the art direction for the arcade hunting title Top Shot Arcade.

- Top Shot Arcade - Environment Art Lead - 2011
- Band Hero - Prop Artist - 2009
- Our House - Environment Artist - 2009
- Guitar Hero: Metallica - Prop Artist - 2009
- Guitar Hero 5 - Prop Artist - 2009
- Guitar Hero World Tour - Prop Artist - 2008
- Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Prop Artist - 2008