Clover Greenhalgh Dot Com - Projects

Treyarch - Multi-player Maps - Call of Duty

As far from fantasy as possible, the realism of war also needs vibrant and exotic locals to be waged over as well. On Call of Duty, I worked as the project manager for the multi-player team and worked closely with environment artists, art directors, producers and designers to maintain the holistic vision of maps while leading level builders in creating cohesive and beautiful worlds for players to clash in as well as helping solve problems, track assets and improve studio pipeline.

Zenimax Online - Marketing - Elder Scrolls Online

Along with the locals, the costumes, characters and cosmetics all shine and allow the players to tell their own story. During my time at ZOS I also helped the marketing team take screenshots of in game content for premium items, achievements, and promotional materials. All posing and lighting done in game, then taken into photoshop for touching up.

Zenimax Online - Dungeons - Elder Scrolls Online

Under the surface of Tamriel lurks danger and dread that's brimming with just as much life as it's surface. Through cracks in ceilings and long dead adventurers clutching still burning torches, interiors allowed much more metric room for vibrant lighting and dense scene propping to tell even more elaborate and visually stunning stories than the open lands above.

Zenimax Online - Overworld - Elder Scrolls Online

The majority of Elder Scrolls Online is it's vast, sprawling overworlds with gorgeous vistas and exciting nooks and crannies brimming with small stories for the players to discover between quests and combat. Working with quest and encounter designers to create spaces to tell these tales in was some of the most fun I've had working on games.